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INSTRUCTIONS for supporting Nicholas Lowe Philanthropic Foundation in Argentina

Please fill out the form to make a one-time or recurring monthly gift.


This Guide has some important matters to fill in the form in order to receive your donation.

1st. Step - Login Account: If you are a Returning Visitor you will be able to login, otherwise you will be starting to Create a New Account.

Gift Amount

2nd. Step - Select an option.

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3rd. Step - IMPORTANT

Duration: This is a one-time gift or a monthly gift (You may edit or cancel your recurring gift at any time by following a link in your confirmation email).

You can also add $10 (ten dollars) gift to the overall work of Global Ministries helping us in our Mission.
Yes, this is a memorial or honor gift. IMPORTANT! - TO CHECK THIS BOX
A Blue Box will display that is VERY IMPORTANT to fill.

Gift Designation

Please copy for Honoree Information as it shows and select Notification Type: ECARDS



IMPORTANT - Please Select ECARD for Notification Type and a second Blue Box will display.


If no email entered, ecard will be sent to your email address

A generous gift has been given in your honor to Global Ministries.

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Final Steps

Please continue with the Billing Information and the Payment Information and Submit the form with Big Red Buttom at the bottom. Thank You Very Much!

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